Johnny & Ash Thredbo Wedding

Since I started as a wedding photographer, I have always dreamed of capturing a snowy wedding, so when Johnny & Ash asked me along to their Thredbo wedding, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Not only was their wedding going to be in Thredbo, where I have spent many winters snowboarding and summers hiking, but their wedding was going to be super intimate, with only six people in attendance, including myself. Could this Thredbo wedding get any cooler? I guess it was more of an elopement than a wedding!

The plan for the wedding was really simple and pretty bloody cool. We’d all stay in the house together, wake up in the morning and make the call if we’d do it that day or the following day. We were all staying down there for 3 nights together so we had some flexibility on what day the wedding would take place. Luckily the weather looked pretty good on the intended day so we all made the call and got the ball rolling.

In true Ash & Johnny style, the morning was chill. Both of them got ready in the house with a few glasses of bubbles in-between their preparation routines. Before we knew it, everyone was ready, looking good and with jackets in tow, we were off to a little spot we picked out the day before. As we left the house, the snow started falling, big soft flakes. Could this Thredbo wedding tick any more boxes?

After a short little walk up a hiking trail, we hit our spot. The ground covered in snow and mountains in the background, this spot was heaven. The ceremony got underway and was heartfelt, fun and very them. Many smiles and laughs, a couple of near slips on the snow and this was a ceremony that will stay in my heart for a long time.

A few more glasses of bubbles and some schnapps helped warm everyone up as the snow started falling heavier. It was time to do some bridal shots while we could as a snow storm looked to be rolling in. We venturing around the mountains, trudged through some fresh snow and took a little wander down to Thredbo River and I have to say, I think these are some of my favourite wedding photos ever. Just everything about the location and the couple and their attire and everything was just perfect.

To say Ash & Johnny did their elopement different to how most would, is probably an understatement. When we got home, when most couples would relax, Ash and Johnny got to cooking! Ash threw on an apron, Johnny set the table and we all got stuck into a cheese board that Ash made up that looked, and tasted, amazing!

The cheese board didn’t stand a chance with us vultures, but the couple impressed once again with a main meal of restaurant quality along with some perfectly matched wine and cocktails. To finish of the culinary delights of the night, Ash pulled out a Persian Love cake she made herself! There are no words to describe how good this cake was!

Seriously, when I dreamed of a Thredbo wedding, I couldn’t of expected it to be this amazing. It was everything you could dream of when planning an intimate elopement in the snow. Amazing small crew of people, non stop delicious food, ample snowfall and just a few days of continuous laughs and smiles.

Ash and Johnny, your day, well few days, was the best! Thank you for letting me be there to capture and share it all with you.

Ok so Johnny and Ash’s was more of an elopmenent than a wedding. Held in the beautiful Thredbo in the NSW Snowy Moutains. Snow wedding, yes please!

Are you having a Thredbo wedding? Hit me up as I’d love to chat to you about your big day!