Malibou Lake Lodge Wedding – Joey & Katie

Joey and Katie’s Malibou Lake Lodge wedding was a few years ago now but I realised I had never posted it on here and it is definitely worthy of sharing.

In the months leading up to their wedding, fires burned all over the west coast of California and the Malibou Lake Lodge was right in their path. When I say the fires got close, I mean it. Standing at the lodge you could see the deviation from the fires only one hundred meters away from the car park. Buildings at the shores of the lake burnt to the group and blackened trees surrounded the venue. Miraculously the lodge survived and Joey and Katie’s big day could go ahead.

I met Joey over ten years ago while living in California and from the first moment we met, I knew he was going to be a good mate for a long time to come. I have been back to visit them several times and he has been down under to see me also. So when he told me he was getting married and he wanted me to shoot his wedding, I was so excited.

In the months leading up to their wedding wild fires ripped through much of Southern California. It was a nervous time for the couple and the fires not only got close to their wedding venue, but also the houses of their friends and family, and their own. Luckily it didn’t reach the houses but it got very close to their wedding venue, very close. The structures surrounding the lake all fell victim to the fires and much of the surround area did too, but the lodge managed to escape any damage and their day could go on!

The sun was shining on the day of the wedding and even though it was winter it was a balmy day and everyone was pumped. After a long stressful lead up, the day was here and everyone was ready. The whole day was to take place on site, the guys and girls both getting ready there, the ceremony on the grounds and then the reception to kick on all night on site.

Joey and Katie went down the first look route and it was perfect. Giggles of excitement from both of them as Katie approached Joey and the look on Joey’s face when he turned around and saw his bride for the first time was priceless. The biggest smile I have seen and a few little tears trickled down his cheek.

After a bit of time taking each other in and a few snaps, it was time to officially tie the knot. With a backdrop of mountains and blue sky, the ceremony was like a dream. Lots of smiles and laughs and a very enthusiastic couple saying their I do’s.

The formalities done and it was time to grab the bridal party and have some fun. Because this location is so awesome, we didn’t need to go far to get some awesome shots. Barn doors, tennis courts, lush greenery and a beautiful lake all within a few hundred meters. I could have shot here for hours and hours! not only was the spot stunning but the bridal party were awesome and full of laughs, even if half of them were at my expense and my ‘funny, weird’ accent.

Reception time came and if I am being honest, I didn’t want it to end. It was an absolute blast with some great speeches, live band, epic beverages and dance floor that kicked off until the early hours of the morning. It was such an epic day and I still can’t think these two legends for flying me half way across the world to capture their special day.